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What is Sports Locker Magazine?

The idea for Sports Locker Magazine began in July of 2011.  Jefferson City and the surrounding communities are very sports minded and have a great following from fans and boosters. 

It’s that enthusiasm and passion for the student athlete and the support of local programs, that inspired me to publish this sports magazine. 

We love sports, and we have always enjoyed reading about the different stories that define athletes, the circumstances that they have overcome, and the training that they put into their sport. 

In the development of this magazine, we want to tell the stories of student athletes, coaches, and the schools they represent. 

We want this publication to be about the student athletes, and to give us a glimpse into everything it takes to be an athlete in the sports driven culture that is the Mid-West. 

Our Promise

Sports Locker Magazine will always maintain a family-focused format.  We will always have a morals- based focus as we tell the different stories in this magazine. 

Our advertising will promote local businesses who support the different schools in these communities and the athletes that represent them. 

Sports Locker Magazine will report stories and utilize media that fall under these same guidelines. 

Our vision for this magazine has always been something that you would feel comfortable with sitting on your coffee table, or in your parent's and grandparent's homes. 

We hope you enjoy following along with us on the journey of Sports Locker Magazine!

Kirk DeMars
Chief Executive Publisher
Sports Locker Magazine

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